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We Deliver the Difference in Laundry and Linen | Banquet Table

Learn More About Whiz-a-Top Linen in Hamilton


Whiz-a-Top Linen started as a small family business back in 1972 by Peter and Ljudmila Grbavac. The foundation that their hard work and business philosophy built more than 40 years ago is the primary reason the company still stands proud and strong today.


We are still "Delivering the Difference."


The dedication of our associates, which now totals more than 40 employees, is our guarantee that we will successfully continue to provide outstanding service to all the categories of customers.


Your comments are always welcome so feel free to contact us if you have questions or suggestions.


Mission Statement

Whiz-a-Top Linen will build long-term partnerships with its customers through a focus of quality, integrity, trust, and superior customer service. Through our team of knowledgeable, well-trained, and caring employees, we will be recognized as the best textile rental company in Ontario. Our guarantee of customer satisfaction, our promise of fair and ethical treatment, and our commitment to continuous improvement will make Whiz-a-Top Linen second to none in our industry.

Our versatility allows us to work for various businesses. - OUR CLIENTS
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